Welcome to RAW DATA,

This blog contains a selection of the paperwork produced internally at Simplify Partners. This blog is direct and informal. On the one hand, you will be able to refer to our authors if you want to discuss further the topics reported here, on the other hand, you will receive the raw feedback, in technical terms (without any marketing painting).
Important: this is not (obviously) and must never (ever ever) be mistaken for research or advice to invest or any other definition of putting your money at work as commonly stated in any disclaimer. If you agree on this point, we can move on...   
We are proud of sharing some of our thoughts. I hope it will make you chuckle too at the thought of us exploring also the most unlikely options just for the sake of it. This is the beautiful, hidden, side of our work, having amazing instruments and minds handy for dissecting almost any idea.
Lastly, we'll also put some of our grey hair at work here, referring to cases of the past or part of books we read, highlighting possible similarities. As we consider it internal papers, we are not asking for any permission to the authors for the partial reproduction of their work. Please refer to this link to our virtual library for purchasing the work or the books (highly advised anyway):
So, welcome again in our world. 
Federico Polese

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