Books that I actually read in 2018

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The year end break is rapidly approaching. As every year I like to share the list of my most favorite books of the year. They span across various topics but I think they enriched me to some extent. I hope you find it useful, for yourself or for a good Christmas present to a friend.

Elisabeth, the forgotten years. John Guy. Is the biography of Queen Elizabeth I. A heavy narrative but also and in depth study of the 16th century.

Black Flags, the rise of ISIS, Joby Warrick. An overview of the practical creation of the movement and the development of the various currents within it.

Coming apart, Charles Murray. A very controverse book. An accurate study of the degradation of the white working class in the US. The book is from 2012 and created a lot of noise. I really found it enlightening and I understand why "right-thinking" americans where pisse off reading it.

The Churchill factor, Boris Johnson. Funny reading of a major figure of the Uk politics written by an even more picturesque Boris Johnson.

The Republic of Gupta, Peter Louis Myburgh. In case you are interested in knowing how much the ZA Republic is F....ed up.

Chaos Monkeys, Antonio Garcia Martinez. Inside story of Facebook, algorithm etc. Very nice and light reading.

Adaptive markets, Lo. Prof. Lo of MIT makes a step ahead form rational investing into behavioural finance.

A higher loyalty, James Comey. mmmm I think you can skip this unless you are like me, curious.

Against empathy, Paul Bloom. |It is important to remember that empathy is not always the best advisor.

Making it happen, Ian Martin. The incredible story of how Fred Goodwin blew up Royal Bank of Scotland and how the UK system allowed a mediocre raising to the top. Very entertaining.

The man who knew, Sebastian Mallaby. In case you suffer from insomnia.

Barbarossa, Alan Clark. The distressing story of the German war in Russia.

Principles, Ray Dalio. This book is still a big question mark for me. I would like to have your comments ...

Life, Keith Richard. By far my favorite. If born again I would love to be a rock star in the 60s,70s,80s,90s.......

Big debt crisis, Ray Dalio. I'm still reading it. A good overview of the macro variables in debt cycles.

L'arte della ricchezza, Carlo Scognamiglio Pasini. (Italian) The life, unknown to me before reading this book, of the economist Cesare Beccaria.

Game over, George Papacostantinou. The Greek crisis from and insider's perspective.

And the weak suffer what they must?, Yanis Varoufakis. The Greek crisis from another angle.

All out war, Tim Shipman. Journalistic investigation on how Brexit referendum campaigns were set up and organised.

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