Simplify 02

The fund, incepted in 2009, provides a dynamic asset allocation with low or negative correlation to markets. The strategy is actively aligned to market conditions and pursue moderate volatility. Simplify 02 is ideal for both short and long-term investing through multiple economic cycles. Liquidity is also one of the highest priorities. The distribution between asset classes to equity varies from negative to 60% according to the cycle phase. For 2020 (as at Jun) the performance is positive 2%. 

Since inception, the total return has been +59.5% as of February 17, 2020. Short term volatility has been 1%

More than 10 years of track record


Positive return in 2020 with few negative days

Monthly and yearly performance of Simplify 02 B (I) net of fees

Simplify is an AIF umbrella fund, is authorised by CSSF in Luxembourg and passported in Italy and Sweden. The fund is managed in London.